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Panoramic Grand Tour of the Veneto

Fabulous Grand Tour

For true connoisseurs 

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From the mountains to the sea, passing through the hills and the Venetian lagoon,  itineraries that see it all, with something for everyone. Natural landscape and a  kaleidoscope of colors, from green vegetation to all the shades of the sea and rivers,  hidden gems and small villages. Fabulous Veneto takes you on a journey to discover  the essence of the region.

Marostica - Noale

Day 1

70 KM (44 miles) - MODERATE

Passing by historic citadels, castles and medieval fortifications, travel parallel to the  Pedemontana highway, visiting medieval Marostica, with its checkerboard town  square, and picturesque Bassano del Grappa, at the foot of the massif of the same  name, crossed by the Brenta River. Along gentle, rolling hills, you’ll discover green  countryside, olive groves, vineyards, historic villas, and land that bears the signs of  the nobles who lived here in medieval times. Winding along gurgling streams, you’ll  reach Noale, where you’ll stay overnight.

Noale - Quarto D’Altino

Day 2

80 KM (50 miles) - MODERATE

Passing through dramatic sites and towns that intermingle with the environment,  you’ll reach the charming city of Treviso, which is sure to surprise you with its  abundant water and notable Venetian influences. However, the true star of the day will be the Sile River and the Natural Park that surrounds it, preserving nature and  history. Following along its banks, past historical villas, furnaces and mills, you’ll  reach Quarto d’Altino, the final stop of the day.

Quarto d'Altino - Jesolo

Day 3

42 KM (26 miles) - EASY

Following the silent, peaceful course of the river, surrounded by stretches of  farmland, heading down ancient Roman roads, you’ll reach the Venetian Lagoon, a  UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. This area is a natural wonderland, with a  wealth of fauna ranging from flamingos to herons, egrets to little grebes. Moveable  bridges, old toll stations, all the way to a veritable nature sanctuary with  picturesque landscapes of shoals and fishing valleys. Your day will end in Jesolo  Lido.

Jesolo Lido - Chioggia

Day 4

60 KM (37 miles) - EASY

With a variety of panoramas that go from the sea and coast to the countryside, this  interesting experience is interspersed with hidden landscapes where the flora and  fauna are still wild and untamed. 

Historic sites with fortifications, a new bicycle path suspended over the water, and  an island-to-island itinerary that runs along the length of the entire Venetian lagoon  to the city of Chioggia, nicknamed ‘Little Venice’.

Chioggia - Stra

Day 5

42 KM (26 miles) - EASY

After a short relaxing exploration of the lagoon around the town of Chioggia, you’ll  be ready to head inland, following the banks of rivers until you reach Padua. This  interesting, easy-to-pedal route explores the left and right-side embankments,  surrounded by natural reserves and hydraulic works such as canals.

Testifying to the splendor of the hinterland of La Serenissima are the beautiful  Venetian villas that you can admire and visit in Stra, bringing the day to a fitting  close.

Stra - Cittadella

Day 6

45 KM (28 miles) - EASY

When it comes to natural landscapes, the area along the Brenta River just north of  Padua is interesting for its abundance of meanders, paleovalleys, wooded  floodplains and nearby wetlands, as it is for its many out-of-use quarries. 

From Stra, you’ll follow the road along the course of the river, surrounded by the  countryside of the Alta Padovana among natural areas, historical sites, Venetian  villas and interesting hydraulic works. Your day will end in Cittadella, one of the  most beautiful walled cities in the region.

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