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Beautiful, picturesque  places that intertwine  with nature

Itinerary 2 Grand Tour of Veneto

Attraversando luoghi belli e suggestivi che si intrecciano con il loro ambiente

Noale - Quarto d'Altino

Length: 80 km (50 miles) - Difficulty: Medium

Departing from Noale and passing through the villages of Trebaseleghe and Silvelle,  you’ll reach the Rotonda di Badoere: one of the most famous barchesse in the  Veneto region. This traditional building is unique not only for its grandeur, but also  for the way it’s structured, designed to house artisan workshops that would have  faced a large market square. 

From the former station of Badoere you’ll continue on to Cervara along the Treviso – Ostiglia stretch of the old railway line, converted in 2019 into a pedestrian and  bicycle track. It will take you to a natural oasis that’s part of the Sile River Regional  Nature Park. Extremely rich in biodiversity, the natural oasis is shaped like an  island between the Sile and a stream called the Piovega; within it there are many  polle, points where water gushes out of the ground, eventually flowing into the  river. Here you can visit the old mill, now home to an ethnographic museum. 

Across a fascinating 40-metre-long iron bridge (130 ft), you’ll reach Quinto and  then beautiful Treviso. You absolutely cannot miss the opportunity to admire the  old town by exploring the area along the walls that the Venetians built in the early  1500s. 

The bicycle path along the Sile, the longest spring river in Europe, will help you  truly understand how important this river was during the times of the Venetian  Republic. The experience continues along the Restere: the raised levees on which  oxen once pulled large transport barges known as burci – you’ll see plenty of  abandoned examples along the way.

The route continues to Casier for a stop on the panoramic terrace, then it’s on to the  village of Lughignano, with a short detour to pedal around a beautiful Venetian  Villa. Along the left bank of the river, passing by a large furnace, you’ll reach the  village of Musestre and finally Quarto d’Altino, the final stop of the day. 

Discover the wonders of the Veneto with the complete panoramic tour starting from €350

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    Discover the wonders of the Veneto with the complete panoramic tour starting from €350