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Chioggia – Stra, From the lagoon to the splendor of the hinterland

Itinerary 5 Grand Tour of Veneto

From the lagoon to the splendor of the hinterland

Chioggia - Stra

Length: 45 km (28 miles) - Difficulty: Easy

You can start your day with a pleasant morning trip to the Lusenzo Lagoon, which  connects Chioggia to the Isola dell’unione, Sottomarina, and the Borgo San Giovanni area: a relaxing route of about 7 kilometers (4.5 miles), never losing  sight of the Lagoon. 

Once you’ve come to the end, you’ll say goodbye to the lagoon and head inland, first  along the banks of the Bacchiglione River and, in the final stretch, along the Brenta,  ultimately reaching Stra. 

This interesting, relatively leisurely route avoids busy roads by alternating between  the left or right bank, taking advantage of a few bridges.

From the former Brondolo train station, you’ll head along the Brenta until you  cross the large Brenta-Bacchiglione bridge. From there, you’ll travel along a section  of the provincial road to the Idrovora di Cà Bianca: one of the most important  water-draining plants in lower Veneto. 

After that, you’ll continue on to the Ca’di Mezzo nature oasis and then follow the  right bank of the Brenta northwards, passing by the hamlets of Codevigo and Corte,  and then cross the river to reach the town of Strà along the left bank. 

Before heading back to your hotel and ending the day, we recommend visiting at  least one of three beautiful Venetian villas: Villa Foscarini Rossi, Villa Pisani (also  known as Villa Nazionale), and Villa Pisani Barbariga, built by noble Venetian  families between the 16th and 18th centuries as holiday residences, but most  importantly as demonstrations of their wealth and power. 

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