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Project sponsored by POR-FESR 2014-2020 Veneto Region
Project sponsored by POR-FESR 2014-2020 Veneto Region

Discover Riviera del Brenta

Brenta Riviera

Among the ancient Venetian Villas

During your bike ride along the Brenta Riviera you will be pleasantly surprised by the extraordinary concentration of Venetian Villas. You will visit an area of high historical and scenic interest that extends along the Naviglio del Brenta, or rather the stretch of the Brenta between the town of Stra and its original mouth in Fusina.

On the bike, it will be exciting to pedal in the places on the mainland where the ancient Venetian nobles loved to spend their days.

Decide the timing of your bike tour in complete freedom and stop to visit some of the many villas on the Brenta Riviera that welcome you by opening the gates of their secular gardens and the  frescoed rooms. You will be able to directly meet the owners, direct descendants of the ancient Venetian noble families, who will tell you about family events and, better than anyone else, will be able to convey local history and culture to you.

The centennial history of the Riviera del Brenta

Starting from the 15th century, the Venetian began to reclaim and organize this vast area, sensing its productive potential. The wealthiest Venetian families began to invest in farms and the first homes were built to house the wealthy owners who hired famous architects such as Longhena, Frigimelica, Sansovino and the famous Andrea Palladio . The concept of the ancient “Roman villas” was rediscovered, rich country houses of classic taste, similar to real profane temples. The majestic house was located in the center of a large farm and included the “barchessa“, a rural service building where the servants and workers lived and where the kitchens, stables and other rustic outbuildings.

Later, in addition to the administrative headquarters of the farm, the building became to all intents and purposes the holiday home, and therefore the “Villa”, which was supposed to reflect the importance of the owner family. Here they were enriched with splendid frescoes and spectacular gardens.

Unfortunately in the 19th century, after the fall of the Republic of Venice, the heavy taxes on luxury forced the owners in many cases to cover the frescoes with whitewash and, in the worst case, to demolish the villas themselves. Despite this, to date, the architectural heritage of villas and gardens is remarkable and remains in memory of the glorious past of the Serenissima on the mainland.

Terra e acque, Stra. Uno dei tratti ciclabili del percorso
video di Gianmaria Giacomello

You can visit (check with us availability and opening hours):

  • Villa Todeschini in Noventa Padovana
  • Villa Pisani in Stra
  • Villa Foscarini Rossi a Stra
  • Villa Badoer Fattoretto a Dolo
  • Villa Tito  in Dolo
  • Villa Contarini dei Leoni a Mira
  • Villa Valier a Mira
  • Villa Widmann a Mira
  • Barchessa Valmarana a Mira
  • Villa Allegri von Ghega in Oriago
  • Villa Foscari in Malcontenta


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