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Project sponsored by POR-FESR 2014-2020 Veneto Region
Project sponsored by POR-FESR 2014-2020 Veneto Region

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Osteria Dalla Lina example of local and Venetian cuisine

Fabulous has chosen Osteria Dalla Lina in Mirano (Venice) as a witness of the typical Venetian cuisine and above all of the Riviera del Brenta and Mirano area.
Since 1882 Osteria Dalla Lina has been offering typical Venetian home cooking in rustic, well-kept and comfortable settings.
Every day, in addition to the à la carte menu, you are offered dishes selected based on the products and the chef’s inspiration, always following and respecting seasonality.
Here are some typical Venetian dishes from Osteria dalla Lina
Homemade cold cuts such as the typical Venetian soppressa
Sardines in saor
Creamed cod
Pasta and beans
Tagliatelle with goose ragu
Venetian liver
Parmesan tripe
Wet cuttlefish
Zaeti de Miran for dessert
And much more.
You just have to come and discover the Osteria dalla Lina and satisfy your mouth!

Fabulous and the discovery of quality Venetian food products

Fabulous helps you get to know and enjoy typical and quality dishes from the Veneto Region.

The Fabulous Partners use quality local products in their gastronomic preparations.
You will thus be able to get to know them and appreciate their unique characteristics.

In your itinerary of visit and discovery of the Veneto territories you will have the opportunity to visit wineries, farms, delicatessens where you can taste and savor before and buy later, the precious Venetian agricultural products.

Certified wines

Over 50 types of wine with European certification
 DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and IGP
(Protected Geographical Indication), divided into DOC
(Certified Designation of Origin), DOCG
(Certified and Guaranteed Designation of Origin)
and IGT (Typical Geographical Indication).

A guaranteed link between the product and the territory
from which it comes.

Some important labels:

Here are some of the DOP wines that you can find in Veneto, in the Brente Riviera and in the Miranese area and you can also taste it at the Osteria dalla Lina

The Veneto Quality Cheese

Veneto is a land of high quality dairy products, known throughout the world.

The Grand Tour Fabulous is also an opportunity to taste and buy traditional Venetian cheeses, recognized with the European Community’s mark of origin

Here are some DOP Venetian Cheese
that you can  taste, taste and in our area!

Grana Padano DOP
Piave DOP
Montasio DOP
Asiago DOP
Taleggio DOP

For wines, cheeses and typical dishes to be tasted, tasted and eaten directly in the Osteria or taken away!

For info and reservations:
“Osteria Dalla Lina” S.N.C. Di Casonato Allina & C.
via Vetrego n.105, 30035 Mirano – P.Iva / C.F. 02233810270

For info and reservations: + 39 041 436491