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A lagoon unchanged by time, even if marked by man

Itinerary 3 Grand Tour of Veneto

A lagoon unchanged by time, even if marked by man

Quarto d'Altino - Jesolo (Northern Lagoon)

Length: 42 km (26 miles) - Difficulty: Easy

From Quarto d’Altino, you’ll take the towpath of the Sile for about 7 km (4 miles)  to Portegrandi, at the locks of the Lagoon. In a nature park where the peace and  quiet is interrupted only by the calls of birds, the landscape is dominated by large  

expanses of farmland, land where important junctions along the Via Annia and Via  Claudia Augusta Altinate stood in ancient Roman times. 

You’ll encounter the ‘Conca’, evidence that ships once sailed here, going to and from  the Lagoon. At the locks, which were used to open and close the reservoir, a plaque  in Istrian stone shows the fee that vessels had to pay to pass through them. 

At Portegrandi, crossing through an underpass, you’ll head up the embankment to  the right of the Sile River to reach Caposile, admiring the lagoon with its numerous  species of birds, including flamingos, herons, egrets and little grebes. 

Across the ‘Ponte a Bilanciere’, a moveable bridge that connects the banks of Piave  Vecchia with Taglio del Sile, you’ll reach Musile di Piave. The bridge was built in  1927 and remained in operation until 1957, allowing boats to pass through what  was an important inland waterway.

You’ll continue your journey through the Salsi countryside, between sandbanks and  the lagoon, until you reach the spectacular place where water and sky meet: Lio Maggiore, one of the most important natural sanctuaries of the Venetian Lagoon. 

There you’ll discover the traditions associated with fishing and valliculture,  activities that perfectly embody man’s centuries-old relationship with a rich yet not  always hospitable environment. 

You’ll then return to Jesolo Lido for a bit of relaxation on the beach of your hotel.

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