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Strà – Cittadella, Treasures of the Brenta River

Itinerary 6 Grand Tour of Veneto

Treasures of the Brenta River

Strà - Cittadella​

Length: 45 km (28 miles) - Difficulty: Easy

When it comes to natural landscapes, the area along the Brenta river just north of  Padua is interesting for its abundance of meanders, paleovalleys, wooded  floodplains and nearby wetlands, as it is for its many out-of-use quarries. While on this route, try alternating from the left to the right bank and vice versa, avoiding busy roads. 

From Stra, you’ll take the road towards Cadoneghe and then stay to the left after  the small town known for its ‘Case Trevisan’, heading towards Vigodarzere. You’ll  definitely want to stop and see ‘la Certosa‘, a Carthusian monastery built in the 16th century. After you’ve admired this historical site, continue along the Brenta to the ‘presa del Bretella’ canal in Limena. 

Leaving the course of the Brenta for a few kilometers to immerse yourself in the  countryside near Padua, you’ll visit Villa Trieste in Vaccarino, a splendid example  of a Venetian Villa built for a noble aristocratic family in the 16th century. Continuing towards Campo S. Martino, we suggest taking a small detour to

the left to reach the town of Piazzola sul Brenta, home to another stunning building: Villa Contarini, which, at 180 meters (590 feet) in length, is one of the largest Venetian Villas. 

The Nature Area of Piazzola sul Brenta, a few kilometers from the city, is a great  place to stop and rest while enjoying the greenery, before continuing on. 

The route passes a few out-of-use quarries until reaching the Carturo Bridge, built  in 1918. From the bridge, you’ll return to the main road in the direction of San  Giorgio in Brenta, continuing on to Cittadella, your destination for the day. If you have a bit of energy left, we recommend a beautiful ‘sentry walk’ on the ancient medieval city walls, which are elliptical in shape. 

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