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Our roots

We were not sure, we didn’t know if we would be selected, and we had no idea if we would be ready to participate in TTG by October. We knew we had a strong, beautiful, inclusive and above all transversal project. Talking about tourism when talking about a territory is very limiting: this is why we decided to expand our membership of the project, we wanted to have the excellence of Veneto at a glance. The fact that in Rimini we revealed ourselves as Fabulous Veneto has shown that creating synergy is rewarding.

It took months, a long time, meetings beyond working hours and a lot of perseverance to close the circle and define who would actively participate in the association project. We wanted to involve those who believe in it, those who work every day to promote the image of Italian and Veneto quality in the world, those who choose every day to stick to their territorial roots and who wish to disclose them with love and passion with their professionalism.

We decided to be forerunners and to give a fresh image, linked to having outdoor experiences, both individually and in a group. By plane, by bicycle, by kayak, on foot, along the banks, the beaches, along the walkways, in the historic centers of the most beautiful villages, in the Dolomites and in the Venetian Lagoon, wherever you are and for every experience experience we have, we want to make you feel “Fabulous”