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Our region is full of lesser-known historical villages with unique and fascinating stories linked to the noble families who ruled them in past centuries. Thanks to their important presence the territory inherit countless buildings still today visible and open to visitors. Among the historical-architectural peculiarities of our region, we still admire countless fortifications and walls dating back to different periods of the Middle Ages.

Our project Fabulous Veneto welcomed partners located in walled cities such as Marostica and Cittadella or in villages with well-preserved historic centres such as Noale, with the Rocca dei Tempesta.

If you decide to experience the walk along the elliptical medieval patrol walkway, the best preserved in Europe, then you must stop at Cittadella and if you want to stick to history, the Hotel La Filanda will be able to accommodate you in the best possible way. Do you love travelling from the plain to the hills? You cannot miss Marostica, famous for its checkerboard square, with the Lower Castle joined to the Upper Castle with a wall climbing on the ground. Stopping at the Rosina will surprise you with its renowned cuisine and its location.