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BAM 2021, on 12 and 13 June, were the first days where we made a presence and explained the philosophy of the Fabulous Veneto group. A fabulous location, under the stars, between Valpolicella and Lessinia. But first of all BAM is 3 Parentesi: the concept was conceived by one of our partners who has always been involved in communication, in the outdoor field and in the management of related events.

BAM, which stands for European Bicycle Adventure Meeting, is an expected event, already in its sixth edition in 2021. It is a consolidated format, where, in three days, different sensory experiences are made and closely related to the world of cycling. We meet, to pedal, share, relax, taste the products of the territory, make new friends but above all we explore the new, we talk about the two wheels, cycling and all the new trends that this magical world brings with it . Because those who ride a bicycle see the world differently and encounter different and fabulously sustainable landscapes.