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Visiting Veneto is a fabulous experience and do you know why? Because only here is the Venice Lagoon and the River Po Delta, only here you have the golden beaches overlooking the Adriatic Sea and from here, in just two hours by car, passing through the  Pedemontana hills, you can reach the Dolomites. Only here you can visit unique historic cities such as Venice, Treviso, Verona, Padua, Vicenza and Belluno. Only here you can walk along the only completely passable medieval walkway, in Cittadella and experience historic villages, which set like jewels, embellish the Venetian landscape, such as Noale, Chioggia, Marostica, Asolo …

Only here you can taste unique territorial treasures such as the Treviso Radicchio and the Badoere Asparagus, as well as wines, cheeses, desserts, including Tiramisù and many other delights that have always been at home here. Only here can you cycle along old railway routes which have been converted into cycle paths connecting unique historic cities. Only here you can sleep in the Venetian Villas and visit places frescoed by unique hands such as those of the Tiepolos. Only here you can admire the masterpieces of Canova and in Padua one of the largest squares in Europe, elegantly decorated with countless statues.

In short, only here can you have an incredibly fabulous experience and only with us you are guaranteed an authentic and always different experience.