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Island-to-island, surrounded by the lagoon

Itinerary 4 Grand Tour of Veneto

surrounded by the lagoon

Jesolo (Northern Lagoon) - Chioggia

Length: 60 km (37 miles) - Difficulty: Easy

From Jesolo Lido we’ll head to Cavallino Treporti, a town that offers incredible  views of the coast and the countryside, interspersed with hidden landscapes where  the flora and fauna are truly wild and untamed. 

You’ll then continue to Ca’ Savio, where you can discover fortifications built along the coastline to defend Venice from Austrian rule, and during the world wars. 

At Punta Sabbioni, you’ll take the ferry to the island of Lido, the long Venetian  beach with its Art Nouveau houses, iconic hotels and elegant seaside  establishments that have made the island one of the world’s chicest resort  destinations since the early 1900s. After that, you’ll head to Malamocco, a classic  fishing village with a charming old town that’s worth visiting. Continuing on  to Alberoni, a ferry will take you to the island of Pellestrina.

At Santa Maria del Mare, the route runs alongside the ‘Murazzi’: Istrian stone jetties built by the Republic of Venice. These walls saved Venice during the 1966 flood. 

At 13 kilometers (8 miles) long, Pellestrina is a small fishermen’s island where life  seems unchanged by time, moving at a slower pace and infused with tradition. It’s  worth visiting the Ca’Roman Nature Oasis, where many different bird species are  often spotted. 

At the end of the island, we’ll take a ferry to the town of Chioggia, a ‘Little Venice’  that’s the day’s final destination. Here, too, you can admire canals crossed by  bridges, but with a more authentic feel, embodying the charm of an old fishing village. 

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