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An itinerary capable of enchantment, a slow paddle in favor of the current, totally immersed in the green lung of the Sile River Regional Natural Park.

With our sit-on-top kayaks you will paddle between precious Venetian villas and the lure of the coast osteria, a marvel about 10 km long for about 2 hours of paddling before reaching in the small port of Casale sul Sile, not before stopping at the inn halfway along the route.

The slow flow of the Sile River and our kayaks are a perfect combination also for families with children, the itinerary is in fact very simple and suitable for everyone.

In Casale, which you will reach around lunchtime, you will find our bicycles waiting for you, with which you can calmly return to the office along the Greenway del Sile.

  • Venetian Villas
  • Casale Sul Sile
  • Gastronomy

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